Crystal Infused Soy Candle - Amethyst

Crystal Infused Soy Candle - Amethyst

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Create magic with our Amethyst infused soy candle. Delightfully scented with Sandalwood & Vanilla.  Amethyst will bring transformation, protection and relaxation to your space. The grounding aroma of Sandalwood & Vanilla Bean will create a sense of calm and will keep you feeling grounded. 

Crescent Moon illustration reminds us of the wonder and magic of the galaxy.

- Provides bliss for 45+ hours. - 

Created with naturally biodegradable and Eco-friendly pure soy wax and features a cotton wick. Infused with natural plant essence and essential oils. 

Each candle features 2 Amethyst Gemstones. 

Reuse + Recycle

Once your candle has been used, we encourage you to clean and keep your gemstones. Re-use our candle jar for a little pot plant, to keep jewellery in or a special place to keep your crystals. 

  1. Light candle and allow it to melt into an even pool of oil across the top before blowing out the first time.
  2. Better to use a flame extinguisher instead of blowing out in order to avoid black smoke.
  3. Cut the wick and leave it 5mm-6mm before the second use.
  4. Use lid to cover the candle after use if to ensure the scent lasts longer.