Dream Team Pack |  An organic flawless tan

Dream Team Pack | An organic flawless tan

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Designed to offer you a flawless self tanning experience, the Three Warriors Together Forever pack is a match made in tanning heaven that’s sure to give you a sunless glow that lasts.

With double sided velour, our ultra soft tanning gloves allow a smooth tanning and contouring experience while our self tanning mousse will give you an au naturale glow that’s model worthy.

Inside the Three Warriors ‘Together Forever’ pack you will receive both our self tanning mousse and eco-friendly mitt - the only two products you will ever need as part of your skin care routine.

What does it include?

Three Warriors Self-Tan Mousse - an organic tanning mousse that gives a sun-kissed glow and revitalises skin with electrolytes and minerals sourced from Tasmanian water.
Three Warriors Eco-Friendly Tanning Mitt - an ultra soft, double-sided velour tanning mitt that will provide a flawless fake tan application and guilt-free eco-friendly glow.

Note: Three Warriors tanning products are all organic, use only natural ingredients sourced direct from the pristine shores of our home land Tasmania and are certified cruelty-free.