Glow Get'em Pack |  An organic flawless tan

Glow Get'em Pack | An organic flawless tan

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Designed for selfie skin you don’t need a filter for, the Three Warriors Glow Get ‘Em Pack is sure to be your new BFF.

Whether you want a glow to revive tired Winter skin or you just prefer how you look with an organic tan, the Three Warriors Glow Get ‘Em pack will revive spirits and give you a feel good Summer glow minus the sun.

Inside the Three Warriors Glow Get ‘Em pack you will get our signature face tan water and exfoliating scrub in 150g size bottles, ideal for travel and ‘selfies at-the-ready’ handbag companions.

What does it include?

Three Warriors Face Tan Aqua Mist - an organic face tan that gives a sun-kissed glow and revitalises skin with electrolytes and minerals sourced from Tasmanian water.
Three Warriors Tasmanian Sand Scrub - an exfoliating scrub designed to get fake tan off and exfoliate dry skin to allow for a flawless surface and tanning experience.

Note: Three Warriors tanning products are all organic, use only natural ingredients sourced direct from the pristine shores of our home land Tasmania and are certified cruelty-free.