Selenite Bowl Lamp with Rough Crystals
Selenite Bowl Lamp with Rough Crystals
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Selenite Bowl Lamp with Rough Crystals

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Selenite bowl with wooded LED base. Illuminates with a mesmerising colourful glow from the natural colours of the crystals.

Low powered, ideal for long hours of operation, perfect as a night light.


Set includes:

Selenite Charging Bowl x 1 | Morocco

 - 9.6cm Diameter x 3.5cm Height

Crystal Roughs | Brazil

- Amethyst x 1

- Smoky Quartz x 1

- Fluorite x 1

LED wooded base x 1

 - Compatible with standard wall socket or usb

 - Adjustable brightness and colour temperature

 - Diameter 7cm

 - Height 2cm


More about Selenite Charging Bowl

A cute little smooth and polished Selenite bowl that is great to keep your crystals in, as well as being the perfect dish, this Selenite bowl will charge and cleanse your crystals at the same time.

You can also use our Selenite bowl as a trinket dish to hold your jewellery in.


Crystal Meanings



The meaning of the name Selenite comes from the Greek word meaning "moon". This related to the way that there was a reflection of colour within the first stones being looked at, and this was the colour of the moon. 

Selenite is an angelic white/transparent 'light' crystal that brings clearing and clarity energy to a space or person. Selenite is the perfect stone to keep around the house as you may use the stone to cleanse your other crystals and keep the space clear of unwanted energies.


Amethyst Crystal Rough

Amethyst is a very powerful and protective stone. It's great to use in healing and cleansing. Amethyst is beneficial to the mind, calming or stimulating when appropriate. 

Amethyst can be placed in your environment to create a calming tranquil space. Great to use in the bedroom for insomnia or nightmares.


Smoky Quartz Crystal Rough

One of the most efficient grounding and anchoring stones, a superb antidote for stress.  Smoky Quartz teaches you how to leave behind anything that no longer serves you. Relieves fear, lifts depression and brings emotional calmness. 

Mentally, Smoky Quartz promotes positive thoughts and promote concentration.


Fluorite Crystal Rough

Fluorite cleanses, grounds and dispels any energies within the body that aren't in order. The perfect tool to overcome chaos and reorganise the physical, emotional and mental bodies.

Fluorite is also a great learning aid, increases concentration, organises and processes information.